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    The Arabian Geo-engineering and Mining Consulting Office (AGMCO) is an integrated consulting established company specialized in Geotechnical and Geo-engineering studies. AGMCO was acknowledged in 2019.

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    We specialize in preparing the Geological/Geophysical and Geo-engineering studies as well as introducing the necessary Geotechnical indicators for imaging and recognition of the subsurface foundations’ soil with its nature and Geological hazards, Environmental Studies, quarry and mining ores prospecting, Natural flood hazards, Hydrological and Archeological Studies.

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    AGMCO could help in planning stage of projects (constructions, bridges, tunnels, mining, hydrogeology, and environmental), also could help during the execution and operation phase in avoiding all geological hazards which may cause an engineering problem, in addition, problem cause investigation during or after finishing the operations.

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    AGMCO Services covered all Geo-engineering requirements as Geological, Geophysical, and subsurface imaging for soil and bedrock:

    • Geological and Geo-engineering studies
    • Environmental studies and Geological Hazards
    • Quarry and Mining Ores Prospecting Studies
    • Hydrological prospecting and Exploration studies
    • Natural Earthquakes Hazards studies
    • Evaluation of the Natural Flood Hazards studies
    • Mapping and Imaging the Infrastructures and Utilities
    • Full Chemical Analysis

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    Yes, we have flexible plans for payments and you can choose which plan is matching your budget. We can make it happen for you no matter where you at financially.

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    AGMCO Geo-EngineeringIntegrating Geological, Geophysical and Geo-Engineering Experiences.

    Knowledge from Deep Strata to Shallow Bed-rock.

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    The company is considered a unique establishment as a result of the wide practical proficiency which the main founders have; this experience was accumulated through the frequent involvements of the company founders in the related projects locally inside Egypt and internationally all over the world.