Amir El-Motany

Amir El-Motany Deputy GM Operations

• Demonstrated Geoscientist with 23 years of experience in oil and gas industry and consulted governmental and international oil and gas companies
• Consultant’s Certificate of Hydrocarbon and Groundwater exploration, Registration no. #45224, Egyptian Syndicate of Scientific
• Accomplished Pre-Master geophysical courses and finalized the M. Sc. in Applied Geophysics (in submitting phase).
• B.Sc. in Geology and Geophysics, graduated in May 1995
• Skilled in seismic interpretation, subsurface mapping, seismic attributes, structure and stratigraphic traps, exploration and development geophysical work, new venture opportunities, Oil and Gas, prospect generation and regional work, risk assessment, and contribute in multi-discipline studies
• Leading skills, management of Seismic, Gravity, and Magnetic field operations including projects budgets and logistics. Qualitative data interpretation and quantitative data processing as well as geology solution problems
• Leading a geophysical team and achieved remarkable success , gas discovery rate is 67% in 2010, contributing in raising the company reserves triple times in 5 years
• Well site operation experience, familiar with drilling operation
• Worked almost in all Egypt provinces; Western Desert, Gulf of Suez, Nile Delta, Mediterranean, and Upper Egypt
• Achieved the best employee by Agiba Pet. Co. in 1999 and by DanaGas Egypt Co. in 2007; obtained and Dana Petroleum appreciation as a project managing in 2016
• Committed to the HSSE standards, Train Junior staff.
• Working in several geotechnical investigation sites and preparing core-drilling reports

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