Osama Mokhtar

Osama MokhtarGeneral Manager

Osama Mokhtar is the founder of AGMCO LTD, a positioning and branding company that helps and consulting other thought leaders in Geo-engineering and Geotechnical Engineering fields.
• Ex-colonel in the Egypt Army
• A United Nation International Observer
• Field Geophysicist
• BSc in Geology-Geophysics, Ain Shams University
• Before devoting his work fulltime to AGMCO, Osama served as a Colonel in Egypt Army leading, coordinating, training and planning day-to-day operations and logistical support, helping facilitate smooth information exchange between the operations officer and 2000 staff members
• In addition, Osama conducted land survey projects by total stations method. He participates in designing transportation routes for the military and civilian industrial firms
• Osama joined the United Nation in Sudan observing and tracking Mining ores flow through the borders. He is also working in the Mining and quarry marketing. His clientele Inc. are disseminated all over the world
• Osama is a brilliant contractor in the Geo-engineering field running subsurface infrastructures imaging and foundation soil detection in the new urban cities, coastal cities, industrial cities, tourist villages, public or private services, tunnels, main roads and the governmental or private authorities regions

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